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Plan with Me: April

It’s April!

Time just buzzed past, and I am so behind with my blogging and Thanksgiving series. But, the good thing is that I have a new job that’s been keeping me busy for the past month.

Although, I have a full 9am-6pm work now, I still take time to design and fill in my bullet journal. For April, I decided to give in to my dear friend’s request to use red. Well, at least for the Monthly header.

I also used the stickers I got from a gashapon/gacha gacha. They were so cute, and apt for the season, so, why not?


The monthly calendar is back again, with a more tamed design. I also included the Goals and To-Do lists on the same page.


The habit tracker also has a simpler design. I’m happy to say that I finally shaded the yoga lines this month. 🙂 Living alone gives me a lot of time to do things I could never do when I was staying at my colleagues’ house.


I used an easy and colorful way to track my mood this month. I decided to write down the colors I’m going to use since I had a hard time last month remembering the correct ones.

I didn’t make an expense list this month, since it wasn’t that useful to me last March. In my opinion, it’s kind of depressing to see my money slowly dwindling down. 😦 That’s why I’m going back to my old habit of bringing just enough money for the week. As long as I don’t go over budget, I’m happy.


As you can see, my weekly spread was reduced to one page instead of the usual two pages. I wanted to try a daily spread this month, so, the following pages will be dedicated to a diary-style writing.

And that’s my April bullet journal. I’m sorry if it took so long to post this. Life and work is just very busy at the moment. But I promise to do my best to share more about my daily adventures.

If you like my designs, or if you have any suggestions for my bullet journal, don’t hesitate to comment below. Look forward to more stories and stuff. Talk to you again soon! 😉


Here is my new favorite drink in a seasonal-designed cup: Cafe Latte (Lawson)

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Plan with Me: March

Time flies… it really does. I can’t believe that we’re almost a quarter in the year 2018.

We don’t have the spring season in the Philippines, but I like flowers and anything nature-related. And Pinterest has a lot of spring-inspired designs available for bujo enthusiasts like me.

So, I want to share with all of you my very floral bujo layout for March.


For the header, I used some washi tapes my friend gave me. They have leaves print, so, it’s perfect for my theme. You’ll see a lot more of the leaves and floral design on the other pages.


I rarely like pink. But, the sakura washi tapes are just too cute to resist. More floral stickers to reinforce the spring vibes.


I still used the calendar layout, since I like to see the whole month when doing my schedule. I did some vine doodles on the corners and a tulip sketch on the extra space.


I made the habit tracker a bit bigger than last time. I might include the cleaning chores in here instead of making a separate page. I hope I can at least keep up with the things I’ve listed down. 🙂


I got a little creative with my mood tracker this month. I realized in my February spread that I experience an average of 5 emotions a day. So, I’ll use the sakura petals as indicators. I’m hoping I could avoid using black (stressed) for as long as possible.


I decided to add an expense page to keep track of my spending. My budget will be quite limited in the coming days and I have a lot of things to save up for. 🙂


Finally, my weekly spread with more leaves and floral washi tape. I might do a simple daily spread, but, I’m still not sure. We’ll see.

Anyways, hope you like my monthly spread, and you can comment down below if you have any suggestions for my weekly spreads or even for April! I’d love to hear your thoughts and see your own bujo designs.

As for the other stuff on my blog, I’m still writing the series, and you can look forward to more posts in the coming days. Exciting adventures await!

Talk to you soon! 🙂

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Plan with Me : February

It’s almost February, and I am so excited because it’s my birthday month!

I’ll be turning 28 soon, so I’ve got a lot of plans for the coming month, including a blog series about things I’m grateful for. I just hope I could post each part on time. XD

For now, I’m excited to share my bullet journal spread for February. I wasn’t able to post my designs for January because I wasn’t really prepared. LOL.

I also added some pages for my Collections:


I used to target at least 50 books in a year, but with my busy schedule, I might just need to lessen the quota. I’m sort of in the re-reading phase from my book box, so I’m taking my time with each one.


I also added a Movie wish list and Tickets page. I decided to list down the films I’m looking forward to, and then make a collage of the tickets after I’ve watched it.

The first two on my list – Pitch Perfect 3 and Insidious 4, have already been taken care of. Thanks to my best friend who agreed to do a back-to-back movie marathon at the mall. Love you, bes!

For my February spread, I designed a little banner page:


On the left side, I’ll list down the topics I will include in my February blog series.

The rose sticker on the right side is from my friend, Paulina. 🙂


I made the monthly page bigger so that I could include more stuff. Of course, I used blue washi tape, since blue is my favorite color.


I combined the tracker for my daily habits and moods. I wanted to see how many feelings and emotions I could go through in a day.


For the extra page, I decided to have a brain dump where I could doodle things. I had one in my January spread, and I really liked having space where I can write and draw with reckless abandon.


Finally, my weekly/daily page. I’m thinking of separating these pages, but seeing my weekly and daily notes are easier if it’s all on one page. I might have a bit more complex layout for next month, but the simple one works for now.


  • Daily Journal Notebook – Abbey Sy Shop
  • Stick ‘Em Up Stickers – Abbey Sy Shop
  • 0.1 UniPin Fine Line – National Book Store
  • 0.3 UniPin Fine Line – National Book Store
  • 0.3 Dong-A Fine-Tech Pen Black – National Book Store
  • 0.3 Dong-A Fine-Tech Pen Khaki – National Book Store
  • Silver Chevron Washi Tape – TinyBasket PH
  • Blue Washi Tape – TinyBasket PH
  • Blue Plaid Washi Tape – FullyBooked
  • Brown Coffee Stamps Washi Tape – Landmark
  • Orange Happy Day Gel Pen – Invitation House
  • Blue Happy Day Gel Pen – Invitation House
  • Green Happy Day Gel Pen – Invitation House

I’m so excited to use my new pages! And I’m really looking forward to my birthday.

Hope you liked my designs as well. Comment down if you have any suggestions for my next week’s or next month’s spreads. And look forward to my February blog series.

Talk to you soon!

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Bullet Journal Craze

I am one of those people who have a planner for every year. I also have a notebook for random thoughts and a diary for my daily reflections. In short, I have too many journals, and still, I am as scatterbrained as ever.

Until I saw this new craze on Pinterest – bullet journal. It is a system that combines planner, diary, calendar, and sketchpad all in one. It was invented by Ryder Carroll, a New York-based designer, that helped solve a lot of note-taking problems.

Bullet journal is, essentially, a journal that contains all your to-do lists, events, daily reflections, and doodles. Unlike ready-made planners, you can modify the system to fit your needs.

Bullet journal system as created by Ryder Carroll (image from Sacha Chua)

A bullet journal can be designed in any way that would fit and enhance your quality of life. But every bullet journal has the following essential pages (modules):

  • Index – can also be called Table of Contents. This is where you’ll record your modules and their page numbers so you can easily refer back to them later.
  • Future Log – which is a fancy Yearly Calendar. You’ll use these pages to write down any events, or tasks you need to do within the year. This is important since your journal is created weekly, so the Future Log is an excellent reference for those long-term plans.
  • Monthly Log – this is your monthly tasks and events. Similar to the Future Log, this is also used as a reference for your weekly and daily logs.
  • Weekly Log – breaking down your monthly logs into more specific tasks for each week.
  • Daily Log – which can be equivalent to a diary. The other logs can be filled in advance, but the daily log is done at the end of each day. This is where rapid logging comes in, and the fun begins.

The pull of the bullet journal is because of rapid logging, or a system of taking notes quickly using bullets, numbers, and symbols as key.

basic bullet journal keys

Using these keys, you can easily write down thoughts, appointments, and other stuff on one page and still make sense.

sample log with keys

All your thoughts and tasks can now be written in one single notebook!

So, what do you need to start your bullet journal? Simple. A notebook, a pen, and you’re good to go. The beauty of making your own journal is that you can design it to be as simple or as creative as you want. There are also millions of layout ideas on the internet which you can start with and modify as you go along.

I, myself have been trying my hands with this new system. Although, I didn’t use the recommended dotted or grid notebook. I redesigned my Starbucks planner into a bullet journal to see if I can get used to this kind of logging. I told myself that if this habit sticks, I’d probably invest in those expensive notebooks like Moleskin.

For now, check out my modified planner:

monthly trackers
monthly log
weekly and daily log

I use a simple design since the planner already has themes and such. When I switch to a notebook next year, I might add my own drawings and more modules like bookshelves, movie titles and song playlists.

So far, I am enjoying this system. I keep a record of all the things I need to do this month and I haven’t forgotten a single appointment. I’ll update again next month and share my November spread.

No more bag full of notebooks! With this new system, you can keep your thoughts and your stuff organized. Check out other designs and layouts on Pinterest and Youtube. This just might be the one thing you need to keep your life on track. 🙂