I’m Ruth (aka bluephoenix), a licensed Interior Designer by profession, and a freelance writer by passion. I graduated from the University of Sto. Tomas with BS Interior Design batch 2011 (UST @ 400!).

I like to write about everything I see and experience every day. I was an art student, but I am still learning more about my craft. I do simple watercolors, mostly of mushrooms and flowers. I’m dabbling with some calligraphy and trying my hands at more complex artworks.

My first love was reading and I have been reading books since I was 5 years old. My favorite authors include Neil Gaiman, JK Rowling, and Jane Austen. I recently started reading George R. R. Martin’s series and I am hooked!

Another hobby of mine is binge watching movies and series I found from Tumblr. I love anything horror, historical, mysterious and even musical! My latest achievement was seeing the Wicked play at the Solaire Theater live. 🙂

I have a weird obsession with the British Monarchy, although I am born and bred Filipina. I had this impulse of spouting random facts about English history and the Royal Family. Fun fact: did you know that Queen Victoria started the trend of wearing white gowns as a bride? 😛

They say my brain is faster than my mouth, so I liked to write rather than speak. Still, some words might go missing once in awhile since my brain is definitely faster than my hands.

My life is weird and random and full of surprises. Follow me on my journey as I discover how to be a small girl in this big, big world. Comment and chat with me. I could definitely use the company.

See ya!:)