Posted in Poetry

How to Love a Girl Like Me

Be patient
Understand that she is a human being
With flaws and insecurities
Hiding behind her comfort blankets
Afraid to thread the lines
Terrified of the unknown.

Be kind
She is trying her best
To step out of the walls she built
And follow the light of the sun
Even though she’d rather stay in the dark
Where it may be cold, yet safe.

Be humble
So that she may learn humility
Without diminishing herself
As she had been taught to do
She had forgotten how to love
And so she must learn from the start.

Be truthful
Even though it may hurt
The lies in her past hurt even more
Your honesty will be the foundation
Of the future she wants to build
With you, and only you.

Be trusting
She may be fickle and unpredictable
But she will never lie
She had been lied to too many times
And she knows how deep the wounds could be
Earn her trust with your own.

Love never fails
And she knows you will not fail her
She may be broken and scarred
But her love for you will be stronger
Than all her fears and doubts
Believe in her as she believes in you.

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