Posted in Poetry


“It hurts”

But the pain will make you strong

Right now, it doesn’t make sense

But soon you will understand

The reason behind the pain

And why you had to go through it

So, don’t close your eyes

Watch as the walls you built

Come crashing down around you

Look up towards the sky

Darkened with smoke and ashes

As the fire swallows up

Every bit of happy memories

And sorrowful regrets

Don’t look down

And don’t cry

That pain is your ally

It will strengthen you

As you burn brightly

Like a star falling from the sky

You will fall

Over and over again

But you will rise

And you will shine

And the pain will be nothing

But a distant memory

Someday, you will be stronger

And wiser, and better than you are now

Embrace the ache,

Find comfort in the darkness

Soon, you will rise from these ashes

And be that person

You were always meant to be.

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