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Hi! I’m Ruth (or Ruthie) and this blog is about my life. I wish to share with all of you various arts, photos, stories, and poems that either I created or has inspired me to create. I am an art student, graduated six years ago, but continuously learning about my craft. I am also a writer by passion. I had been writing poems and short stories since I’ve learned my ABCs. For the last six years, I was working as CAD designer, cultivating my skills in 2D and 3D drawings.

Life has been kind to me so far, but there are still so many things I want to do, places I want to be and people I want to meet. That’s why I am here, writing about my adventures, and sharing the things I am learning every day.

I thrive in organized chaos, so I apologize now if you find this blog an utter mess. One day, you might read about my adventures when I went to Japan, or see a random art project I’ve finished that day. I might also write guidelines for mundane stuff like folding clothes, or a step-by-step tutorial of hair styling. I like books and movies, and I like to pretend that my reviews are valued by other people. XD

This blog is about my journey, about a simple girl trying to find her small niche in the big world. I am not so different from anybody else in the world, and I hope those that share my interests may also share this journey with me.

Welcome to my blog!

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